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Enclosing structures

The modern buildings thermal insulation is the major component of energy efficiency of building, reconstruction, durability and available housing power savings.

Energy saving is general direction of technical policy in the field of building and operation of buildings. This problem has to be solved not only in new buildings, but also in maintained fund of inhabited and public buildings because therma insulation characteristics of them is below worldwide standarts and modern requirements.

Using TEMP-COAT® thermal insulation will solve numerous problems. Thermal insulation "bridges of a cold", interpanel seams, walls of buildings, possibility of applying thermal protection outside and inside, overlapping and a covering.

TEMP-COAT® thermal insulation is simple in applying, durable, water-proof, steady against corrosion, is ecologically safe, does not create additional loadings, keeps existing architectural forms, solve condensate problems.

JSC "TEPLOENERGO" has an exclusive ditributor rights on TEMP-COAT product line at the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidjan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We are an exclusive distributor of the company TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC, USA, an official service provider of government orders of U.S. NAVY.