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Fire protection

Actual problem for company Temp-Coat - design and manufacture products for fire protection of building bearing and enclosing structures made of metal, concrete and wood, as well as process equipment.

Fyre Shield (FB-520) PYRO-TUMID COATING can be used on all wood based building materials, roof decking and trusses, floor joists, sub-flooring, dry wall, steel structures, I-Beams, columns, etc.

Anywhere fire proofing and Thermal protection is needed. Has passed ASTM & 119 fire test, performed by 3M Certified Labs. The right way to protect your property against fire. FB-520 is considered a Pyro-Tumid product.

When the surface is impinged by fire or high heat conditions, the surface (product) is converted into semi-hard blisters to repel the flame and reduce the temperature at the surface being protected.

FB-520 is considered a sacrificial coating and must be replaced if a fire impinges the coating. Light-weight, white in color, fast drying, easy to apply with brush, roller or airless spray.

Fire Loc is a ready to use clay based high temperature industrial insulation and filler for temperatures up to + 2000F.

Fire-Loc must be covered with a top coat and protected from dampness and moisture. This is usually protected with a fiberglass cloth coated with TEMP-COAT. This is a refractory type product that can withstand very high temperatures once dry.

Fire-Loc is used in conjunction with repairs to high heat process and steam lines in industry. When conventional insulation has failed, Fire-Loc can safely take its place following the manufacturers written instructions.

The use of Fire-Loc has been approved for several industrial repairs that have been viewed by the EPA and the DEQ. Please contact us for more information.

JSC "TEPLOENERGO" has an exclusive ditributor rights on TEMP-COAT product line at the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidjan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We are an exclusive distributor of the company TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC, USA, an official service provider of government orders of U.S. NAVY.