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TEMP-COAT® insulation holds unique thermal insulation, anti-condensate, corrosion protection, waterproofing and sound-proof properties.

Superthin thermal coatings TEMP-COAT® series are the leader on a parity "price-quality"

Superthin thermal coatings of TEMP-COAT® series allow to solve problems of thermal protection and corrosion protection of pipelines in a complex. They considerably simplify operation, maintenance service of pipelines and stop valves. It allows to fast detect places of leaks, fistulas and increase service life of the protected pipelines.

TEMP-COAT® coating are aesthetic, ecologically safe, expenses on preventive and regenerative repair of a thermal protection essentially cut down, they cannot be stolen. Small local damages of coating (scratches) are easily restored by a brush.

Superthin thermal coatings TEMP-COAT® series are the leader on a parity "price-quality".

Labour input of applying insulation is commensurable with painting: materials are put by means of a spray, a brush or the platen. Service life of thermal isolation at normal operation more than 15 years. Coating can be easily washes and repaired.

JSC "TEPLOENERGO" has an exclusive ditributor rights on TEMP-COAT product line at the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidjan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We are an exclusive distributor of the company TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC, USA, an official service provider of government orders of U.S. NAVY.