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In energy savings great value is given to thermal insulation of equipment and constructions. A brand new direction in thermal insulation - superthin thermal ceramic coatings. In the modern market f insulating materials the share of such coatings is insignificant, but they are very perspective.

Superthin thermal insulation of the industrial equipment, besides power savings functions, allows to create safe working conditions on manufacture, reduces losses of easily evaporating mineral oil in tanks, allows to store liquefied gas in isothermal storehouses.

During the process of choosing right insulating material you ave to consider stress-strain properties and deformation characteristics of insulating object, calculated permissible load on constructions and other elements of an insulating surface.

During insulation of steel vertical storage water, oil and mineral oil tanks the safe load from insulation is limited to values of 32-34 kg/m2. At a choice of materials it is considered not only indicators of combustibility of a heat-insulation layer, but also the behaviour of thermal insulation in the conditions of a fire as a whole.

The durability of thermal insulation designs depends on their design features and the service conditions including location of insulating object, an equipment operating mode, degree of aggression of environment, intensity of mechanical influences. The durability of thermal insulation and thermal insulation design is substantially defined by durability of a top layer.

Superthin thermal coatings TEMP-COAT® series allow to solve all these problems. The material is put on all kinds of surfaces, any configuration which temperatures are in limits from +7 to +150 °С, it provides possibility of applying insulation without stoppiing of technological process. Materials are maintained at temperatures from -60 °С to +205 °С.

Range of use - thermal insulation of the process equipment, tanks, and protection of any metal surfaces against corrosion and condensate.

JSC "TEPLOENERGO" has an exclusive ditributor rights on TEMP-COAT product line at the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidjan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We are an exclusive distributor of the company TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC, USA, an official service provider of government orders of U.S. NAVY.