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JSC "TEPLOENERGO" has an exclusive ditributor rights on TEMP-COAT product line at the territories of Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Kazachstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidjan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. We are an exclusive distributor of the company TEMP-COAT Brand Products, LLC, USA, an official service provider of government orders of U.S. NAVY.


Energy conservation represents the general direction of Russian technological policy in industry and construction activity. Creation and implementation of innovation techniques and materials is one of the determinative factors of Presidential program on Energy production upturn in construction activity and industry. Modern thermal insulating and flame-resistant finish, soundproofing and many other special-purpose coating created on the bases of high technology, are of great interest for the modern Russian industry.

Developing of domestic manufacture and thin-coat thermal insulation and fire barrier materials implementation is the main goal of FZE “Thermo Technology”. Modern sub-micron fluidal-ceramic coatings offer a new level of solving the problems of thermal insulation, rust-resistant processing of hydro and soundproofing. They are environmentally safe in work and operation because of lack of corrosive admixtures. Such coatings laboriousness of applying is comparable with laboriousness of paint, materials are applied with the help of a pulverizer, a brush or a roller.

Such kind of insulation can be exploited more than 15 years in case of proper exploitation. Coatings are easily renewed after mud accumulation and bruise.

We analyzed Russian and foreign technologies to solve existing problems of thermal insulation. Chosen and accredited materials were included into Temp-Coat product line.

Domestic manufacture meeting world-wide requirements for successful Temp-Coat materials implementation is being built in Russia.

We are able to break the old system with the help of new technologies practicing. An immediate change of all our citizens’ worldview does not seem possible, there is no way to leave a guard at every tube. Sub-micron isolation represents an accurate control isolation, it can not be burnt, broken or taken home. In comparison with earlier used types of thermal insulation the price of our goods is lower and the expiration date is longer. Using it will allow you to reduce expenses of “eternal” repair, and produces are sure to benefit of it. So that it is always up to us to make a choice. .

We are responsible for absolute support of our goods:

  1. Application consulting;
  2. Recommendations on traditional project design decision replacement by TEMP-COAT;
  3. Heat engineering calculation, accounts valuation;
  4. Personnel training;
  5. Information support;
  6. Sale of liquid thermal insulation TEMP-COAT
  7. Engineering support;
  8. Coating services